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Grace Ngure
Experience : 7 Years

Miss Grace


7 Years Experience


About Me

As a graduate from United States International University- Africa. I believe in good time management though have developed patience. I have learnt the art of organisation in my work and in attending to the children. I have learnt the art of assessing children and developing differentiated methods to facilitate children to grasp concepts. I have developed IT skills from interest and certification from Institute of Advanced Technology . I specialize in ensuring students get the best in grasping a certain concept. I am good with one on one students allowing them time and different activities to master what could be difficult.


Early Childhood Education Diploma (2014 - 2016)

Gained skills in teaching, developing and understanding the methodology of how children learn. My Diploma allows me to nurture and grow a holistic child, making them ready to be a fully functional and productive member of the Global Society and as a Kenyan Citizen. My teaching approach not only focuses on developing them academically but also socially, spiritually physically and emotionally. Allowing children to also enjoy their own learning.


Nairobi Jaffery Academy (2013 - 2020)

A reading teacher, working with children on grasping sounds and blending for basics of reading. Growing children to fluent and confident readers. In Numeracy, help children grasp the basics of sums, addition, subtraction, shapes, colours , measurements and most basic Numeracy skills.


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Montessori Learning

How to perform activities in an orderly manner Development of child learning Allow child to explore as a way of learning Child to choose own learning with teachers as a guide