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Finding your child a private home or online tutor in Kenya has never been so easy!
Pick A Subject

Parent or student picks the subject they would like to study.

Choose Group Lesson Or One-On-One Lesson

Here, based on their need, the user chooses a lesson type out of the options available for their subject of choice.

Enter Your Lesson Detail

Here the user reconfirms the subject to be studied and specifies their preferred curriculum, class/grade, the gender of tutor etc. and then proceeds to search.

Compare Tutors / Group Classes

Depending on whether the user searched for a private tutor or a group class, here they will be able to compare their options by going throughtutor profiles and reviewing thei qualifications,experience, and reviews from previous clients.

Book Your Lesson And Pay

After finding their tutor (or group class) of choice,the user can then proceed to book a lesson(s) and pay via mpesa using our integrated payment system on the platform.

Start Learning

Attend your lesson online or in-person and when done, simply rate and review your tutor to help future parents make the right choice.

Lesson Types To Suit All Your Needs!

As you book your professional private tutor, you will be able to choose between different types of lessons for your child. Our options are:


Do you want one on one attention but are not comfortable having tutors in your house? Have your tuition lessons online using our interactive online classroom. Here, our tutors and the student interact using real-time video chats. Moreover, our online classrooms have several features including whiteboards, screen share, and document share capabilities that allow the tutor and the student to interact on the same level as they would in a physical classroom.


If you believe in having a tutor in the same room as you learn, then this is the best option for you. Book a tutor nearest to your location and have the lessons taught in your home.


Looking for the most affordable authentic classroom experience? Online group classes are your best bet. These classes allow up to 10 students to pick a subject and attend weekly online classes with a tutor online. Group online lessons for each subject chosen will offer you three 1 hour lessons per week, for a period of one month. Moreover, online group classes also help reduce the cost of tuition on PataTutor as each student pays only 40% of the normal online hourly rate.

Out Tutors!

By booking a private tutor from PataTutor, you are assured of excellence! To ensure quality in your learning experience, our Kenyan tutors are manually screened and vetted by education professionals who have a combined experience of over 70 years in 4 different countries and 2 different continents. Moreover, our tutors have all had their qualifications and experience verified.