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The Tuition Problem

It has been proven that students who receive extra tuition lessons from qualified tutors are more likely to improve their performance in school and get high scores in their exams. Despite this, finding the perfect tutor for your child can be difficult, expensive or both. This sometimes leads to parents taking up to 3 months to find good tutors while others resort to tutoring their kids themselves.

Moreover, we also noticed that while every aspect of life in kenya is being made easier, simpler and more convenient by technology (uber for taxis, glovo for errands, jumia for shopping), parents in kenya still rely on word of mouth to find tutors for their kids.

Our Solution: 'An idea is born'

After weeks of research and numerous conversations with parents in Kenya, we decided to develop a product that would make it easier for them to find tutors.

So, what is PataTutor? PataTutor is web app that makes it super easy for parents in kenya to find, compare, book and pay for qualified and experienced private tutors for their kids in 5 minutes or less.


At patatutor, we believe that every aspiring learner deserves the opportunity to achieve greatness. This conviction is what motivated our team of professionals to set out to make this dream a reality for you- to change how we nurture your child's potential so he or she can become the next Albert Einstein, the next Barack Obama or the next Wangari Maathai of their generation.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step" - at Pata Tutor, it begins with just one click!

Our Mission

"To provide aspiring minds* with the resources they need to learn, grow and succeed in anything and everything they put their minds to."

*Aspiring mind: A mind ready and willing to learn something new, regardless of age.